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Waterfall Spa

Indulge in the rejuvenating power of water at Waterfall Spa! Our treatments harness the hydrating essence of water to replenish

your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and radiant.

Call us today for more information or to book your appointment!

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Meet Ivonne

As an Esthetician, I am passionate about helping clients achieve their skincare goals and feel confident in their own skin. I specialize in providing customized facial treatments and skincare regimens tailored to each individual's unique needs. There's no greater satisfaction than ensuring that each of my clients achieves glowing, radiant skin.

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Meet Denisse

I take great pride in the journey that led me to where I am today. Every challenge and effort along the way has shaped my deep passion for my work, making it feel more like a calling than a job. Building genuine connections with my clients has been my greatest asset. By truly understanding their needs and providing honest solutions, I've earned their trust. I believe everyone deserves a skincare partner they can rely on, someone who not only listens but also understands their aspirations and objectives.

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About Waterfall Spa

Welcome to Waterfall Spa, founded by Dr. Reyes with a mission to offer aesthetic procedures at affordable prices. In a market saturated with overpriced services, Dr. Reyes saw the need for accessible self-care solutions. Our goal is to make these beneficial services available to everyone, promoting wellness for both the body and mind.

Despite offering more affordable rates, we don't compromise on quality; in fact, we elevate it. Dr. Reyes, having experienced disappointments with service and quality elsewhere in El Paso, ensures that Waterfall Spa exceeds expectations.

We believe in making these transformative services a part of your routine, not just an occasional luxury. By providing exceptional results at a fraction of the cost, we empower you to prioritize your aesthetic goals.

Book your appointment today and experience firsthand what sets Waterfall Spa apart. We're dedicated to meeting your aesthetic needs with care and expertise. See you soon!

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